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Pitching In

You can   'Pitch In'   by contributing, or providing a helping hand. When user receives an Invitation, they will see a section with event details, and a section with list of items (shown below).


Contributing to Event

To Pitch In, click Yes to RSVP, click 'Count Me In' Button to contribute, then submit response.

  • > One Click RSVP
  • > One Click Contribution
  • > No need to log in; Name (qty) is automatically recorded

Providing a Helping Hand

To provide a Helping Hand, expand the Helping Hands Panel, Click the 'Count Me In' button, and submit response

If more than one person is helping with an item, you may click the name dropdown to see who else is participating.


Make a Change

If you would like to make a change, click the name drop down, remove name, make required change, and resubmit response

This feature allows you to make changes or remove your name, if needed. Note, to access invitation again, click 'View Invitation' button on Invitation Email that was sent to you.