Contribution Lists Make Event Organization Simple

Make a Contribution List to Make Your Life Easier

Make Party Planning Simple With a Contribution List

Scared of getting suckered into spending too much on a party?

Hesitant to host because of all the time it will take you to prepare for your guests?

Use the contribution list feature in the Pitch In Club app.

This easy to use event management software provides a helpful event list that guests can contribute too. They can add what they are bringing, or sign up for an item that is listed.

If guests would rather commit their time, instead of their stuff, than they can sign up on the Helping Hands List

How It Works

The Contribution List feature is an excellent event planning tool.

It takes almost no time to set one up.

First, make your event within the Pitch In Club event dashboard.

Then, click on the List tab. The Contribution List will be the first feature listed.

Click on it, and fill out what you need to throw your event.

You can reorder Contribution items using drag and drop feature and Fix typos quickly using the 'edit' or 'delete' icon.

That’s it!

It’s simple, it’s easy, it will revolutionize the way you throw parties.


Create Contribution List in a Snap

(Participants can select one or more of the quantity specified)

Contribution List UI image

Simple Step Wise Process

Schedule Event

Quickly Schedule an Event

Add People

Add People To Your Event or Function

List Items

Create List of Contributions and/or Help Needed

Pitch In

Invite People to Pitch In


Your Done

Applaud yourselves for Job Well Done

Remember, if you don't ask, you won't know if people are willing to Pitch In.

Give It A Try