Event Help Made Easy With A Helping Hands List

Make Organizing Group Events a Group Effort With a Helping Hands List

Need Party Help? Make a Helping Hands List!

Between setting up an event, running it while it’s happening, and then cleaning up afterward, it can be hard to have fun at the events you host.

Hiring professionals can be tempting, but that can quickly add up.

The best way to get party help is to make a Helping Hands List.

Make it fun, make it a group effort, and minimize stress by using the Pitch In Club’s Helping Hands List feature. They provide a helpful list of tasks/duties for event participants to take part in.

Sign up for free for the Pitch In Club app, one of the best event apps on the market, and make your Helping Hands List today!

How It Works

Using the Helping Hands List feature is easy!

First, make your event within the Pitch In Club event dashboard.

Then, click on the List tab. The Helping Hands List will be the second feature listed.

Create your Helping Hands List tasks and then add the number of people needed. The Helping Hands List feature allows you to reorder items, using drag and drop, and fix typos quickly using the 'edit' and 'delete' icon.

Once you are done filling it out and click the Save/Next button you will automatically go to the Invites tab.

That’s it!

It’s simple, it’s easy, it will revolutionize the way you throw parties.

Use Helping Hands List for All Kinds of Tasks

You can use the Helping Hands List feature to complete all kinds of tasks.

Some examples include…

  • Decorating
  • Preparing Food
  • Event Planning
  • Event Set Up
  • Recruiting Event Volunteers
  • Event Clean Up

...and so much more!

Make a Helping Hands List Today!

Helping Hands List image

You can use the Helping Hands List feature to complete all kinds of tasks.

Sign up for free to use the Helping Hands List feature today.

Remember, if you don't ask, you won't know if people are willing to Pitch In.

If you would also like people to contribute food, beverages, or other items, take a look at the Pitch In Club's Contribution Lists Feature .