Pitch In Club

The Simple Event Planning Tool


Simple Stepwise Process

Creating an Event is a Breeze

Schedule Event

Quickly Schedule an Event

Add People

Add People To Your Event or Function

List Items

Create List of Contributions and/or Help Needed

Pitch In

Invite People to Pitch In


Your Done

Applaud yourselves for Job Well Done


Built-in Functionality you'd Appreciate


No subscription plans / No credit cards

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Password Encryption and secure communication

Https characters
Multi-Device Support

Support for multiple devices

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Application Features to easily Create and Track Events

Create Unlimited Events

Schedule event with date, time, or date ranges

Simple Dashboard to track, attendees, contributions, and helping hands

Search Event by keyword

Separate lists for contributions and helping hands

Automatically sends reminders to all participants before event

Ability to send invites to all participants or individuals

Drag and drop list items for quick reordering

Ability to change organizer name to a group or entity name


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