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16 Feb

Party Planning Made Easy: The Top Event Planning Tools for 2022

From catering to guest lists, there are a million details to focus on when it comes to party planning. Keeping all of those details—big and small—straight is key to having an event that runs smoothly.

Once you scratch something off your list, you should be confident that that detail is handled. And to do that, you need the best event planning tools that will help you stay organized.

Here are some of the features to look for in event planning software that will make organizing your next event a breeze.

Manage The Guest List

Every planner knows that the guest list is the cornerstone of any event. How many people you expect at the event determines the venue, the amount of food and drink, how many tables, and pretty much every other detail.

One of the most useful event planning tips is to set your guest list as early as possible. You should also be able to refer back to it throughout the planning process.

That's why your ideal planning platform should have an easy-to-manage guest list tool. You should be able to add, edit, and delete people from your guest list with ease.

From your guest list, you should also be able to go the extra step. For some events, you may want to organize guests to help contribute to the event or elevate them to the planning team.

Easily Add People To The Planning Team

If you're planning a large event, you're definitely going to want to have help. You may have other guests that are co-planning, or maybe you have an entire planning team.

In either situation, anyone else who helps to create the event should have access to the planning tools. This allows you and your team to seamlessly plan and keep track of details in one easily-accessible place.

This will also allow for better communication as everyone involved in the planning will be able to see what details still need to be addressed.

Create Lists Of Event Necessities

No party would be complete without stylish decorations and delicious food and drinks. And sometimes you could use a little help to gather these necessities. Luckily, Pitch In Club makes it easy.

You can create a list of contributions or a list of tasks you need help with to make the party happen. Then your guests will be able to see what's needed for the party and offer to help.

List items like drinks, appetizers, and desserts on the Contribution List and allow guests to sign up for items to bring to the event.

Or create a Helping Hands List and asks guests to give their time to tasks like decorating or cleaning up afterward.

Assign Tasks To Your Planning Team Members

Delegating is one of the most important tasks you can do if you're in charge of planning an event. It's hard for one person to take on all the roles necessary to have an event run smoothly.

That's why it's better to assign tasks to other members of the planning team to allow more details to be taken care of at once.

Use Pitch In Club's Helping Hands Lists and Contribution List with your planning team to easily assign and manage tasks for the event.

Grant Access To Other Planners

Since planning is often a group effort, the platform you use to manage your events should reflect that. On the platform, you can add other planners, so they're able to help manage the event.

As a planner, it's important to get all the help you can. But it's also important to ensure that you keep all the moving pieces organized so that the event planning runs smoothly.

You can use Pitch In Club's tools to create an easy communication system for your planning team. Using these tools, the whole team can create lists of necessary items and manage the guest list.

Create and Manage Multiple Events

Your event planning software should never stop you from being able to keep multiple events organized at the same time. You may have multiple parties for the same event or back-to-back weekends that need planning.

Either way, you should be able to create and manage multiple separate events on the same platform. Pitch In Club's planning platform allows you to create multiple events and manage and plan them separately.

All your events can have different guest lists, task lists, and contributors. You'll be able to manage each event without affecting the others. And you'll be able to easily access all the events you create on the easy-to-use dashboard.

This feature is ideal for professional and recreational planners alike.

An Overall Easy To Navigate Dashboard

No one wants to work on a platform that's frustrating and stressful. Unfortunately, some planning tools are clunky and difficult to navigate. And that can make an already tense planning process even tenser.

A platform can have all the right tools, but if it's difficult to work with, those tools can feel useless. Luckily, that's not the case with Pitch In Club.

The main dashboard is easy to navigate and intuitively understand. All actions are clearly labeled to make planning your event a breeze. And Pitch In Club is free of subscriptions and has no premium costs.

Event Planning Tools That Make The Planning Process a Breeze

The perfect event always begins its planning months or even a year beforehand. The truth is, without well-organized planning in advance, an event will never be able to run smoothly.

Keeping all of those details straight for months can be a difficult task even for the most organized planners. But with the right event planning tools, party and event planning can be a breeze.

You'll be organized through the planning process, and your event will go down without a hitch with Pitch In Club. Sign today for free!