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11 Jan

Church Events: Check Out These Activities for Church

Are you running out of ideas for things to do with the members of your church? Luckily for you, there are plenty of fun activities for church groups and youth groups if you start thinking outside of the box. Remember, your church community is no different than any other community of friends or neighbors who all love to socialize!

We understand how hard it is to come up with new things to do that everything will enjoy. That's why we've compiled a list of fun and interesting activities that are sure to make your church group happier and more connected.

Read on to learn more.

Church Potlock Picnic

One of the best activities to do with your church group when the weather is warm is a potluck picnic! You could also do a potluck in cold weather if you have a large enough space, but nothing beats a day in the sun with your community.

A potluck ensures that there's going to be something for everyone to eat. Even if people have dietary restrictions (such as people with celiac disease or people who are vegan and vegetarian), they'll be able to bring something that they can eat safely.

As the leader, you should make sure that there's enough food available to kick off the potluck. We suggest ordering a few pizzas to kick off the event. Consider asking members of your group for small donations to add to the pizza fund if they're unable to bring their own potluck food.

Youth Group "Field Day"

Are the youth group children getting antsy? Do they want to get outside and play? A church youth group field day is one of the best youth day activities for church.

Field day is a collection of competitions, similar to the Olympics (but with far less stress). Children work in teams and accrue points by doing different activities (such as races).

Make sure that all children are able to compete in at least one activity. If there are children with disabilities in your church, there should be some accessible activities and games for youth group so no one feels left out.

Church Movie Night

Movie nights are great activities because you can do them outdoors with a big projector, inside with a large TV, or even online if you're maintaining social distance. It's one of the easiest church Zoom ideas.

Choose a movie that's appropriate for everyone. You can choose a Christian movie if you'd like, but there are plenty of fun family-friendly movies that would also make great choices.

If you're doing the event in person, consider asking people to contribute snacks. Whether they give you money for popcorn or bring their own snacks to share, this is sure to be a fun event for people of all ages.

Church Camp Hiking or Camping Trip

Are you searching for church camp activities ideas? Hiking and camping are perfect!

For younger campers, hiking is likely the best option. Small children aren't always ready for a real camping trip. Older campers often love the idea of camping.

If you want an easier alternative to a traditional camping trip, consider "camping" outside of the church if there's room. Setting up tents and a mobile fire pit to roast marshmallows over is easy and the kids are sure to have a lot of fun.

Weekly Reading Day

Why not do something educational at the church? Set up a weekly reading day for the youngest members of your congregation.

Young children are still learning to read, and you can help teach them. Assign someone to pick picture books and read them to the young children in your church.

You can choose books that teach valuable life lessons so the children can get the most out of this activity.

Community Clean-Up

Why not gather your church group to do something good for your local community? As long as the weather is good, we recommend setting up a community clean-up day.

Everyone can pitch in. People who are unable to make it to the clean up day may be able to contribute cleaning supplies, like plastic bags.

Go to local outdoor areas, like trails and beaches, and look for trash. Make it fun for the kids in your congregation by turning it into a challenge. Who can fill their trash bag first?

Fundraiser Day

Another great way to help your community while you're having fun is to set up a fundraiser. You have so many fundraiser options, so choose one that works well for your church community.

Choose something to fundraise for. Local soup kitchens and food pantries can always use the extra money, and they do a lot of work to help your local community. Why not contribute to their cause?

So what kinds of fundraisers are effective?

Community car washes are always popular. Many people will be happy to donate a few dollars for a car wash if they know that it's going toward a good cause.

You could set up a community fundraiser dinner. Make something easy (like spaghetti) or do another potluck. Members of your church and your local community can donate a few dollars and get a tasty dinner with their friends.

Which Activities for Church Will You Try?

All of these activities for church are sure to delight your congregation. You can play games in church youth groups, set up fun fundraisers, have a cozy movie night, and more.

These activities are great for churchgoers of all ages. Have fun and help your community by giving one (or all) of them a try!

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