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18 Jul

Party Planning 101: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning an upcoming party? There is a lot that goes into party planning and it can be easy to let things slip through the cracks. Party planning doesn't have to be stressful or intimidating. Staying organized and working on the event ahead of time can help keep you calm at your next party, assuring that you have just as much fun as your guests. Make sure that you are as prepared as possible so that you can have an amazing event. Keep reading for some tips on how to plan a party so you can get started today.

Choose a Theme and Set a Budget

If you're wondering where to start in the party planning process, begin by determining what the theme of the party will be. This will allow you to make the following decisions according to your theme. Make sure your party theme is in line with whatever event you're celebrating while still making it unique and personal. You will then want to determine how much you can spend on the party. Setting a budget is a great idea because as you gather materials for the party, the cost can really add up. Setting a budget will allow you to stay on track without breaking the bank.

Determine the Date, Venue and Guest List

Once you've established your theme and budget, you can begin thinking of a venue and how many people you can afford to invite. Choose a date that will work for a majority of those you wish to invite. Send out invitations a few weeks out so that you give people time to plan and adjust their schedules. To take your invitations to the next level, make them personalized which can be a nice touch for a smaller event.

Stock up on Supplies

Now that you know your theme and venue, you can begin stocking up on supplies and decorations. These items are great to buy before, but hold back on buying food until your event is a few days out. To prepare for the food and drink, plan your party food in advance to make sure the menu will appeal to everyone and is enough to feed everyone. If you're using a caterer for your party, planning the food and drink in advance can help you sort out who's bringing what.

Decorate and Have Fun

Once you have all your supplies, you can begin decorating the venue in the days before the party. By working ahead with this party planning checklist, you should have the majority of things sorted before the day of the party. This will allow you to have a blast, knowing everything is already prepared.

Party Planning Tips

If you're planning a party, go easy on yourself by planning and organizing properly. This will allow you to get things done in waves, letting you take your time to perfect the decor as well as let go and have fun once the party starts. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when party planning to host an event everyone will love. Are you looking to make the party planning process more organized and convenient? Sign Up for our event planning and tracking tool today to help you stay on top of the details. This tool can help you manage others that are pitching in while monitoring your attendee status and so much more!