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05 May

Organize Football Watch Party the Easy Way

It’s easy to think of football fans as being slug-like couch potatoes who only get up when their team makes a great play or when they’re out of munchies. But this stereotype is far from true, especially for those who like to have the guys/girls over to watch the game as well. These weekend gatherings (or Thursday, or Monday) are not only social events but can also be precise, planned operations as rigorous as your favorite coach planning a drive downfield. As the host or co-host, you can take a “whatever” position or impress your guests with your ability to organize a fun football watch party that everyone can enjoy.

With the Pitch In Club, a free event planning app, you can keep track of all the details ahead of time to make sure all ingredients are in place. This can include keeping track of your guest list and who has RSVPed. Then you can move onto food sign-up and keep track of what people are bringing or make assignments depending on how well you know your buds. Does one friend create amazing appetizers? Ask for her contributions. Does one guy have a kitchen that barely qualifies as sanitary? Perfect – ask him to bring some take-out from the store or restaurant.

Everyone can help

Part of the appeal of the Pitch In Club is that one person doesn’t have to do all the planning himself or herself. If you’re all football fans and know there’s a big game coming up, the app allows everyone to collaborate and volunteer for different tasks. The group can combine efforts to put together a description of the event, reminders, and different tasks. Then, everyone can sign up for different duties, and not just food sign up.

Other options include:

  • Decorations
  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Furniture (do people need to bring their own? Do chairs need to be gathered from neighbors?)
  • Alternative activities (things to do for non-football fans and/or kids)
  • Prizes/games
  • Other supplies (paper towels for spills? Drop cloths/tablecloths?)

Don’t forget the cleaning! You’ll want a clean house before the event, and you’ll want to clean up afterward, so volunteers will be welcome at both ends.

Having access to easy party planning through the Pitch In Club spreads out the responsibilities and to-do lists so one or two people don’t feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of every detail. Getting more people involved can also reduce any possible tensions from one person missing the game while running around taking care of details, while the guests do nothing but watch the game.

One strategy to do reduce this further is by using the Pitch In Club to divide the party time into hours or even quarters.

You can designate a different “food” person or a “drink” person every quarter so no one misses too much of the game, and everyone knows when their turn is coming up.  Although the game of “Not It” can be fun, it’s still nice to have a plan in place.

Pitch In Club also has a Contribute field so everyone can pledge some money ahead of time. This makes it easier for the host or planner to get what they need ahead of time and not have to worry about collecting (or not) from everyone later.

Overall, Pitch In Club can make it easy for future football parties.

Thank you for checking us out. Hopefully this was helpful. For more event planning tips, check out our blog where you can get ideas like how to get people to help with things such as set up and clean up