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02 Mar

Lend a hand to a friend with a helping hands sign up

One of the things people say they love about living in small towns is how neighbors are able to easily reach out and help each other. Of course, many of these people will also confess that a little neighborliness can go a long way, and pretty soon everyone knows everyone’s business, for better or for worse.

There might even be some envy for bigger-city folk who aren’t as physically or geographically connected but still, when requested, can find ways to reach out and lend a helping hand to others.

Luckily, there’s a handy tool that can be useful for anyone from any sized town, thanks to the Pitch In Club an application designed to help people organize events and keep track of who is doing what.

The app is certainly useful for event coordinators, party planners, and pro-level organizers who need to keep track of big and small duties and make sure volunteers and staff are doing what they’re supposed to. But it also can be easily adapted as a way for friends and family who are trying to organize help for someone in their circle of support.

Maybe it’s a neighbor who had surgery or a severe injury and isn’t able to cook for a while or get around the house well or do yard work. Maybe it’s a family member who had a death in the family and is overwhelmed
and needs help with organizing the after funeral reception, or an elderly person who needs someone to check up on them and drop off groceries regularly.

The Pitch In Club is a perfect way to show your friends that they’ll be surrounded with support.

An organizer can invite people to be part of the group and divide up tasks online, such as cooking meals for different days or helping with tasks around the house like cleaning. They can help sign up others and figure out different times or days that people can provide assistance.

The good thing about the Pitch In Club is that it works great for any group size or location. Maybe members of a small town are looking for a better way to keep track of who’s doing what when someone needs help. Or maybe members of a larger community would enjoy finding a novel way for everyone to come together to help, even if they can’t always get together in person. They can still reach out and perhaps coordinate services like meal deliveries from local restaurants or even health care if needed.

The app includes a “Helping Hand” option for those who can directly get involved, and a “Contribution” option for those who aren’t able to physically assist but can still offer some support. The Pitch In Club can help with your coordination effort and bring friends closer together even if they’re physically apart.

If ever you want to organize a group of helping hands, have them join the Pitch In Club. For more helping hand ideas, check out our blog.

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