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15 Jan

This easy party planning app is all you'll ever need

Let's face it: Hosting a party is a blast, but getting to that point can be a real pain! It's easy to get excited thinking about all the fun you will have reconnecting with friends and enjoying bright beverages and tasty drinks, but reality can quickly set in as soon as you start trying to find the right date that meets everyone's needs, coordinating schedules, negotiating who is bringing what, party planning can quickly get to the point where you’re ready to cancel the event — or take on all of the costs and time-consuming tasks yourself. Fortunately, there is a way to get the helping hand you need conveniently and frustration-free with this easy party planning app: Pitch In Club. Here are a few ways the app can help...

Creating a Shared Task List

Booking the venue: Check. Divvying out who needs to bring chairs: Check. Who is helping with decorations: Check! Getting things done is so much easier when you are organized, and that starts with having a holistic view of what's needed to make your event a success. Once you know what’s needed, you can use a checklist app to manage the tasks. There are various checklist apps available,
but they come with some limitations, too. Wouldn't it be great if you could identify a set of individuals willing to be "Helping Hands" early on in the planning process and then divide (and conquer!) duties as needed? you can. Just use the Pitch In Club app to create a “Helping Hands” sign up. It will help keep the stress at a minimum while still keeping the party moving without the need to hire professional help

Create a party food sign up sheet

Most people are delighted to bring something to help make your event a success, but might struggle with determining what to bring that’s helpful. Plus, how can you possibly keep everything that you need and who will contribute straight in your mind, with all the other details you need to keep track of?

When you are working through the steps and considering how to plan a party, requesting contributions shouldn't be a major chore. Group coordination becomes a much simpler activity when party planners have insight into who is making specific contributions, almost like a wish list, where people can quickly glance through the list of what is needed (and how many of each item!) and self-select how they wish to contribute. You can create this self-select wish list quickly and easily by using the Pitch In Club contribution list.

Track progress

In addition to being able to create an online sign up and a shared to do list, the Pitch In Club can help track who is attending, who is bringing what, and who is providing a helping hand. The simple step wise process makes it easy to create an event, manage your guest list, create sign ups, and send out the invites.

Finding an app that provides tracking features along with a simple process, can be a real game-changer for people who plan parties on a regular basis, or even just for a one-time event! This app is all you’ll need if you will have ongoing planning for such things as book clubs, outings, after-school activities, work events, and various other functions.

Thank you for checking us out. Hopefully this was helpful. For more easy party planning tips, check out our blog