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Ideas for making it easier, more enjoyable, and less stressful, to organize that special event or function you have in mind.


One of the things people say they love about living in small towns is how neighbors are able to easily reach out and help each other. Of course, many of these people will also confess that a little neighborliness can go a long way

woman hanging party decorations

A celebration, whether big or small, is about taking a moment to acknowledge the good things in life. In a world where things often feel chaotic and overwhelming, it’s important to set aside time to celebrate..

after party mess

Everyone loves a party, but not everyone likes to help make one happen ― or break it down afterward. Unfortunately, someone has to put in the effort at both ends

preparing decorations for party

Party-planning stress is an unfortunate reality in today’s world, and many hosts are able to conceal their anxieties so well, that guests automatically assume..

man planning surprise party

Let's face it: Hosting a party is a blast, but getting to that point can be a real pain! It's easy to get excited thinking about all the fun you will have..